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Home Elevators


Savaria Vuelift

A stand-alone solution that comes complete with an integrated hoistway, Vuelift ascends elegantly within existing architecture. No walls to build, no construction to manage, no hassle. The Vuelift could also inspire the design or be used as the focal point of your new home. Vuelift is built for the spotlight. Available in the Octagonal or Round designs. With a Vuelift home elevator, your investment in luxury and convenience for today also ensures mobility and independence for the future.

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Savaria Eclipse
This home elevator delivers luxury and convenience, with less space needed than traditional elevator designs. Requiring no machine room and minimal overhead drive space, the Eclipse can be installed in new or existing homes. Using a modular rail system, the Eclipse design installs quickly and seamlessly. Its counterweight system reduces motor effort and therefore power consumption with no need for hydraulic fluids. Available in up to 6 stops with various cab sizes, door configurations, and styles. Whether you need an elevator for mobility issues, or you are looking for the ultimate home convenience, an elevator eliminates the barrier of stairs, making it easier for everyone to enjoy your home.

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A Freestanding, self-contained elevator that can be positioned almost anywhere in a home due to its self-supporting rails.  There is no visible hoist or any noisy motor. The unique technology uses a discreet wire rope hoist and built-in drive equipment.

The lift plugs into a standard power outlet and a battery pack will gently return the lift to the lower floor in the event of a power outage. The operation can be from the control inside the cab or from the standard remote controls.  Various models & sizes are available.

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Staying Home Corporation- Home Elevator
A battery powered elevator for travel between 2 floors, ideal for retrofitting into existing homes.  The compact design installs against any wall, even a non- load bearing wall.  It has an open view and allows you to see out at all times.  The sliding radial door eliminates the need for additional space for the door to swing out.  This model requires minimal construction, only a hole to be cut in the floor and no special wiring is necessary as it runs from the regular household current.

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Some things to know about residential elevators:

Some things to know about residential elevators:

Manufacturer Reputation – We will help you choose a manufacturer with a history in the business. An elevator is an appliance that will remain in the home for many years to come.  Quality is an important aspect to consider.  Following the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance should yield years of trouble-free operation.

Try Ours Out– Visit our showroom to try a residential elevator for yourself and to ask questions.

Customize your Elevator – There are many different finishes and cab styles offered. Adding options such as sliding doors takes your elevator to a different level of luxury and convenience.

Your Home – Figure out exactly what you want and speak with us about the right type of elevator for you. Travel distance and hoist-way requirements may narrow your choices. If you are building a new home, be sure to include the elevator in your plans to ensure the most flexibility of choice.  We can provide detailed information to your architect or builder that will make including the elevator easier.

It is possible to install an elevator in an existing home, but naturally it is easier when building a new home. Installation of a home elevator can take several days, depending on the specifics of your project. The installer will make sure that safety and electrical requirements are met for your specific model and local building requirements. Depending on where you live, your elevator may require inspection by local authorities before you can use it. The installation costs of an elevator are low compared to the cost of the elevator equipment. Installation is of paramount importance when it comes to ensuring safety and performance.

Full size elevators for new construction can start as low as $20,000. Highly customized models can range from $30,000 – $50,000. Standard installation is generally included in those costs.
Specialty elevators for remodeling or retrofit applications are available, can cost less, and have less required construction. They also have some limitations such as smaller cab sizes and lower capacity ratings.
Installation time can vary from three to five days for a standard elevator.
A standard residential elevator will need at least 20 square feet of floor space for the hoist-way.
By building code, an elevator can be a maximum of 15 square feet inside the cab
Regular service/maintenance will be required to uphold the warranty and avoid larger repairs

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