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Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair Lifts

A wheelchair lift may also be referred to as a vertical platform lift (VPL) that travels straight up and down or an inclined platform lift (IPL) that travels on the same angle as the staircase. Vertical wheelchair lifts are available to be installed permanently inside or outside of a home to allow access, such as in a garage, near a front porch or deck. Other models can span as many as two to three stories, similar to an elevator. Incline Platform lifts are predominantly used on staircases going to upper or lower levels of the home.

Service Some things to know about Wheelchair Lifts:

Vertical or Inclined – Incline lifts are usually installed when you cannot install a vertical lift. Overcoming stairs can only be done by traveling over them. Vertical lifts require floor space to travel up and down and may require a hoist-way, a pit or concrete pad to secure the lift.
Inside or Outside- Vertical platform lifts are often installed outside to provide access from a driveway or ground level to a porch or deck for entrance into the home. Lifts that can stand harsh weather are necessary for outdoor use. Maintenance items from the owner’s manual are important.
Consider your Site – The site must have a proper, safety gate at the top landing. Site preparation and finishing is critical for a safe and long-lasting installation.
Choose a Reputable Brand – Wheelchair lifts should comply with specific codes set by industry associations, so be sure to choose a recognized brand name.

Installing a wheelchair lift will require some preparation of the construction site. The unit will need to be secured to the floor or ground level in some way, and may also require additional support and fastening depending on the type of installation (manufacturer-supplied enclosure or hoist-way application). Since the lift requires power, there will also be some electrical preparation required.

-Not made to carry freight.

-Installing your own wheelchair lift is not recommended due to many considerations to be taken in construction and installation.

-Wheelchair lifts are customized to your needs due to travel height, platform size, the position of the entrance, etc.

-Pricing Varies on models depending on lifting heights, capacity and configuration.

– Certain features required to meet local & national code requirements.

-Commercial wheelchair lifts should comply with ADA requirements

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